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Posted: March 30, 2020
Posted by: Lloyd Dawes

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This is a unit out of a 2011 Corvette (GM Part Number: 20856087). I purchased it from the original owner who had pulled it from his car to put in an aftermarket unit. Overall the unit is very clean and physical condition is excellent. It has the updated firmware to avoid the “clock” issue that was recently resolved for the 2006-2010 units. It also has the Auxiliary Input and the USB input. Add the cables and this would allow you to hook your phone to the unit to play music or play music from a USB memory stick. No longer limited to CD’s for music. I never installed this unit and then sold my C6 so have no need for it. These are pretty hard to find since they were produced only in 2011-2013. Going price on Ebay is $350 and up. Rather sell it to someone in TVS that needs it.

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